Game Country Archers was formed in 1981 as a non-profit society in Grande Prairie to “Foster and instruct and perpetrate the practice of archery and the spirit of good fellowship among all archers” (prime objective, club formative articles).

The club took up residence at the new Grande Prairie and District Agricultural Society facility aptly named Evergreen Park.

The pristine wilderness setting, ample trails and natural open spaces of Evergreen Park provided the archery club with ample space for a shooting range and common area, as well as wooded trails to set targets for outdoor archery tournament courses.

The executive members of the club in 1981 were Dennis & Mary Feldberg, Art Watt, Warren Nowoczin, Len Strynadka, Brian Lank and Chris Supeene. 


 The prime objective of the club has not changed, nor has its home. The club strives to involve families and especially kids in the sport and various disciplines of archery.

As youth represents the future of our sport in Grande Prairie, we promote archery to:

- schools,

- user groups,

- and youth camps

We also have certified coaching for all archery skill levels and disciplines. 

Evergreen Park still hosts the club and its facilities, range, and tournament courses and group events.

Evergreen Park remains the best facility in Grande Prairie for these activities. Our outdoor facility consists of our clubhouse, shooting range with 10 – 100 yard target butts, and a 20-Target 3D (animal) course.